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The ecuestrian centers on this website offers treks from a few days to a few weeks. With these trails you leave on the first day of the different ecuestrian centers  but then sleep almost every day at a different location. Prices are full board so including horseback riding, accommodation and meals. Below is a list of these multi-day tours. Detailed descriptions can be found on the web pages of the different ecuestrian centers.

Andalucía Southern Spain


Campo de Gibraltar + Jerez C


Price €1350.00

5 horseback riding days + Jerez

Dates 2019: 3/ 10 March , 31 March / 7 April, 21/28 April , 12/19, 1/ 8 September, 20/27 Octuber.

We offer you a tour of the southernmost territory of both Spain and Europe, picking a seven-day itinerant route that goes through both coast and mountains. Campo de Gibraltar is a region located southeast of the province of Cadiz acting as a border between Europe and Africa, as well as the Gateway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. That and the colony of Gibraltar makes it one of the top strategic locations in Europe. We’ll enjoy two natural parks, Los Alcornocales Natural Park, which houses the biggest, most continuous and best cared of mass of cork oaks. Its botanical and mycological richness justly earns Los Alcornocales its fame as the last European forest. The second Natural Park will be El Estrecho Natural Park, where hundreds of millions of birds cross the strait every year in their migratory voyage between Europe and Africa, making it not only one of the most prominent destinations for bird watching, but one of the most ecologically diverse places in Europe too.

This package comprises of five horseback routes, averaging in a 5 hour horseback ride a day and a visit to Jerez to enjoy the legendary Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art as well as a typical Flamenco Show with lunch.

Medium physical endurance required in order to be able to fully enjoy horseback step, trotting and galloping.


Starters trail 

Price:  910,- euro

Dates 2019 03/03/19 – 10/03/19, 21/04/19 – 28/04/19, 02/06/19 – 09/06/19, 16/06/19 – 23/06/19, 30/06/19 –07/07/19, 14/07/19 – 21/07/19, 04/08/19 – 11/08/19, 25/08/19 – 01/09/19, 22/09/19 – 29/09/19, 06/10/19 – 13/10/19

single room supplement: Euro 105,-

Romantic inland, small white towns,beach ride.

Weekly from Sunday to Sunday ( arrival and departure ) For groups also from Wednesday to Wednesday possible. It is a  8 days program with 4 days trail ride.

Starting with rides around the ranch through the romantic Andalusia countryside followed by a day at the Atlantic beach and a four-day tour through mountain villages from the Mediterranean Sea to the mountains. This riding holiday is designed for riders who want to experience trail riding for the first time, but also want the comfort of staying in the same location each night. Before going out on the four-day ride from town to town you will spend a day getting to know your horse and riding in the surrounding countryside. Each night, the horses are stabled at different places, while you are driven back to the Ranch.

Zahara trail Tour - Trail - Ruta  

8 days  

Price 1250,-

175 euro single room supplement.

Dates 2019 02/03/19 – 09/03/19,16/03/19 - 23/03/19, 30/03/19 – 06/04/19, 20/04/19 – 27/04/19, 27/04/19 – 04/05/19 , 25/05/19 – 01/06/19, 08/06/19 – 15/06/19 , 22/06/19 – 29/06/19 , 06/07/19 – 13/07/19 , 24/08/19 – 31/08/19 , 07/09/19 – 14/09/19 , 21/09/19 – 28/09/19 , 05/10/19 – 12/10/19 , 19/10/19 – 26/10/19

Zahara - Jimena - Atlantic Coast Ride - Southern Andalusia - Visit the Royal Spanish Riding School

The triangle between Ronda, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean offers ever changing, spectacular scenery. This is horse country! The trip starts on the beaches of the Atlantic coast where you can get used to the horses in all gaits. Turning inland, you'll ride through the coastal pine forests and across large meadows with herds of bulls and wild cattle. You will then head for the mountains and ride through the natural reserve Alcoronocales with its canyons and cork oak forests. At 3,000 ft you have a great view of the surrounding mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

Ronda Trail  rondatrial

8 days  

€ 1250,-  euro 

Dates 2019 24/03/19 – 31/03/19, 14/04/19 – 21/04/19, 19/05/19 – 26/05/19, 01/09/19 – 08/09/19, 15/09/19 – 22/09/19, 13/10/19 – 20/10/19

crossing the mountains of Ronda through Natural Park, lonely canyons and descents, over opened fields to the Atlantic beach

You start in the homeland of the famous bandits, cross on their ways three Natural Parks observing vultures and games. Over opened fields of sunflowers and cotton and the famous black bulls you come to the white sandy beach.
Long days with up to 9 hours in the saddle require a good condition and health to be able to enjoy this trail

White towns – three Natural Parks, mountains, fields & beach.
This trail can be combined with the Zahara trail to have a 14 days trail trough Andalusia

A beautiful new hotel for the second night – just next to Ronda – this gives you timeenough to discover this famous old town!!

White villages trail  white-village-trail

Price  € 1250,-

You can only book this trail with 6 persons or more.

White Villages – Ronda, Sierra de Grazalema, Villamartín: a breathtaking tour into the realm of the eagle.

If you thought you already know all horse riding possibility in Andalusia: we have a surprise for you! Unique mountain scenery with cliffy mountain ranges, over flown by golden eagles and lonesome valleys. On stony paths you scale the Ronda plateau, descending afterwards on the western side of the `Serrania de Ronda´ (Ronda mountain range) towards the agricultural plain between Arcos de la Frontera and Villamartín.

Riding through the natural preserve of Grazalema, known throughout the world for its 200 different bird species, you come to enjoy a panoramic view upon El Gastor reservoir.You take a swim in the crystal-clear waters the lake of Jimena has to offer us. And you get impressed by the safe Andalusian horses crossing the mountains.

Doñana trail (El Rocio)

Price € 1595,-

You can only book this trail with at least 6 people

Doñana trail – on sandy ways under the pine forest to the world famous pilgrim town El Rocio
Every year to Pentecost more than one million of pilgrims with horses, bull carriages and jeeps from all parts of Spain make their way to the Paloma Blanca, the virgin of Rocio. She might be the richest in own land and cattle, gifts from grateful believers, protecting horses and cows.
In the southwest of Sevilla you follow the pilgrim ways to El Rocio. The environment of the National Park Doñana offers pine forests, oak trees, dunes, marshland and hunting ground. Thousands of migrant birds pass the winter months here.

Feria trail     (fully booked)Feria de caballo en Jerez

8 days tour to Feria de Caballo Jerez de la Frontera  

Price: € 1150,-

Jerez, well known for horses and Sherry, is Spain’s capital for horse breeding and a “pilgrim destination” for horse-lovers from all over the world who meet here each year at the ‘Feria del Caballo’ (= horse festival). It started in the year 1284 as a livestock market and has developed into a show of the most beautiful horses in Spain. On the premises of the state-owned “stallion depot”, one show follows another; nobles and VIP’s on two and four legs parade past until early morning. The riding tour starts at the Atlantic beach in Zahara de los Atunes and passes through the typical Andalusian landscape with its meadows and olive groves surrounds you. Over Paterna, and Mojo you reach Jerez de la Frontera to participate in the Feria.


images-9White Village Trail

5 nights, 4 days riding  

Price € 695,-

We ride through the mountains to the south, a descent along an old trail that once was part of an important trade route to the coast. We stop for a consumption in the local Spanish bar Los Llanos before we ride down through the olive groves of Padre Eterno. Then we will go to the farm where we have a delicious, well deserved dinner.

Spanish mountain ranges       

4 nights and 3 days riding     

Price € 550,-

This tour goes north from Lanjaron through the bed of the Guadalfeo. Then we ride through ancient oak forests to the top of the Pico del Caballo, more than 2000 meters high, before we descend through the pine forests to Puente Palo. Here we enjoy a picnic before riding eastwards to an idyllic location high on the slopes ofthe Poqueira valley, where we will spend a relaxing evening incomfortable mountain huts.



Sierra Nevada-Tabernas Desert Route 2019

8 days, 7 nights, 6 days riding

PRICE:  € 1490,-

Dates:  April 13 - 20, Mei 04-11, Oktober 05-12

Without doubt, the SIERRA NEVADA-TABERNAS DESERT route, with 6 days on horseback, is the most varied ride. This program goes through two Nature Reserves of unique natural beauty which give the route its name: The Sierra Nevada, with its snowy peaks and mountainous landscape, and the Tabernas Desert, the most important desert-like zone in Europe. The route starts high up in the Sierra and makes its way down to the fertile slopes and valleys where olives, figs, almonds, and even wine are produced. Then, suddenly, the unique topographical conditions render the route into a true, western movie style desert, of canyons and dry riverbeds where numerous spaghetti-westerns films have been made. The expedition ends in Granada with the option to visit the Alhambra.

bubion-torvizcon-trek-20120415-180192-800x600MULHACÉN ROUTE 

5 days, 4 nights, 3 days riding

PRICE: € 795,-

Date: July 06 -10

This three-day driving program is an ambitious climb to the foot of the Mulhacen mountain (3,478 m), the highest mountain on the Spanish peninsula. During the route, the Sierra Nevada will reveal its varied landscapes, changing vegetation and sometimes very challenging terrain. It is a route for self-confident riders, who will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, the surrounding mountain ranges and the grandeur of the high mountain. Trevelez, the charming white village that was used as the basis for the climb, is known as the highest village in Spain and also for the salted Spanish ham, so living in the mountain village and gastronomy will also be part of the experience.


6 days, 5 nights, 4 days riding

PRICE: € 895,- 

Dates: April 06-11 // September 01-06 // October 19-24// October 26-31

This program will allow us to enjoy the Alpujarras region in 4 days. This area has a landscape of exceptional natural beauty. The varied topography provides the most surprising contrasts in scenery, from the snowy heights of the Sierra Nevada National Park, to the fertile valleys of olive and almond groves, and on a clear day one can even glimpse the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. A meeting point of the Arab and Christian worlds, the once impregnable stronghold for the different peoples who settled here. Riding deep into the heart of this region as we pass though several villages it is much like travelling in the Spain of the 19th Century, where time has stopped for travellers who wonder at the changing face and vegetation of the different micro-climates. The route generally follows old bridle paths which snake through numerous ravines where the snowmelt waters run.

ALPUJARRAS ROUTE II   Alpujarras II Route 2019

8 days, 7 nights, 6 days riding

PRICE: €1250,-

Fully booked for 2019


8 days, 7 nights, 6 days riding

PRICE: € 1490,-  

Single room supplement: €180

Dates: September 14-21, April 20-27, Mei 18-25

The Hand of Fatima route is a great opportunity to get to know the most important aspects of Andalusia with its horse culture and history guiding us through this region ́s nature, gastronomy and its world class historic sites. It starts with four days riding in the Sierra Nevada National Park, with its changing landscape ranging from high mountain environments to fertile Mediterranean valleys. We will ride through several mountain villages which for centuries were a meeting point of the Arab and Christian worlds. This region is famous for its cured hams and local wine. There will be time to visit the Alhambra in Granada and the magnificent Mosque of Cordoba, both UNESCO World heritage sites, and during the last two days in Cordoba a visit to the Spanish Pure Bred Horses Royal Stables and some riding through the olive dotted landscape will complete the experience. This route is named after “The Hand of Fatima” novel by Spanish writer and horseman Ildefonso Falcones, a recommended read that will guide the rider through the history and landscapes that will be enjoyed during this route.

For more information about the routes please mail

Cuba / Rafa

Ruta de los antiguos tabaqueros    

Price 1830 euro

Dates 2019 FEBRUARY 2 – 10, NOVEMBER 9- 17

Western Cuba

The westernmost province in Cuba also called the Green Province, is a gift of nature. Tobacco is grown in the extraordinarily fertile lands and valleys. This tobacco is used to produce the Habanos old Cuban cigars, the best in the world. The province has two mountain ranges, one of them is the Sierra de los Órganos, of great geological interest, including the Viñales Valley with its “mogotes” or pincushion hills, and many caves, including the Indian Cave, and the Santo Tomás Cave System. Viñales is the ideal place for watching local indigenous wildlife.In all of our programs, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Cuban hospitality, sleeping in the guajiros (field workers) farms, having lunch together or drinking and dancing with them during the evening.







Ruta de Cuba central     

PRICE: 2360 euro    Single Room Supplement 200 Euros

DATES 2019: FEBRUARY 10 – 20, NOVEMBER 17 - 27



This program in the Cuba’s Central Region gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of the best rides in the country while at the same time you will have the choice to visit the most beautiful colonial towns of Cuba and swim in the crystalline waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Ciego de Ávila is also a green province where tobacco and coffee are grown in the extraordinarily fertile lands and valleys. In all of our programs, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Cuban hospitality, sleeping in the guajiros (field workers) houses in the countryside, having lunch together or drinking and dancing with them during the evening.



Ruta de la revolución     

Price 1900 euro



This program in Oriente, the Eastern Region of Cuba, gives you the opportunity to discover the most emblematic places of the Cuban Revolution and the National Park of Sierra Maestra, as well as to visit the beautiful colonial towns of this country. In all of our programs, you will enjoy the Cuban hospitality, sleeping in the guajiros (field workers) farms, having lunch together or drinking and dancing with them during the evening.




The hidden face of the Sierra Nevada 

7 nights and    6 days ridingimages-1ruiters-met-sierra

Dates 28 mei - 4 juni,   25 juni - 4 juli, 17 - 24 september

Price € 1500,-  

5 nights and 4 days riding

Price 850 euro

A trail programme through the National Park of Sierra Nevada which combines different sceneries with lush forests and high mountains. You will discover little villages which remain unknown to the majority of visitors. This programme is best enjoyed during spring and autumn when temperatures are more mild. 

Virgin Beaches Andalucía

Price € 1500,-

Dates: 19 - 26/02, 05 - 12/3, 19 - 26/3, 02 - 09/04, 16 - 23/04, 30 /4 - 07/5, 14 - 21/5, 01 - 08/10, 22 - 29/10, 19 - 26/11, 27/12 - 03/1/2018  (new years eve 1680 euro).

We will ride through the property of the hotel in Cabo de Gata national park, which consists of more than 3.500 hectares. We will visit the most beautiful beaches of this coast, the Monsul and Genovese beaches.

images-4    imgres    images-5    dagt-s-j-3

Catalonia / Northern Spain

Masos d'en Coll


Masos d'en Coll is a traditional Catalan country house dating back to the 18th century. This property has been run for 17 years, welcoming guests to a traditional farmhouse with an organic garden. We make our guests feel at home with a personal service and our EcoSlow philosophy.

What is the EcoSlow philosophy? It must be ecological, It is peace, It is vitality, It lives in a healthy way, It connects with the earth and nature, It is the most simple and pure appreciate, It respects the environment and the people. The team creates EcoSlow Experience, a travel agency specializing in outdoor tourism. The horse rides show the best landscape of Catalonia, the local gastronomy with the best accompaniment. All routes start at home, Els Masos d'en Coll Agrotourism.

Beachride trail   

Price 650 euro

Enjoy some excellent canters and gallops on the beach with our magnificent Spanish horses! Kilometres of golden sandy beach and the Mediterranean Sea are the delight of any rider. We will be riding through the typical landscape of Empordà, from inland towards the sea. With lots of long canters and gallops through pine forest, we reach the long curve of the Bay of Roses. Here we enjoy a fantastic gallop and we can even stop to take the horses into the water, they love it! We continue crossing a Natural Park, the Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l'Emporda, a marshy land that shelters predominantly aquatic birds. Finally, we will go back to Can Muní through crop fields and old villages, beautiful stonework of the past.

If you want to spend a complete week riding, you can join our Two Beaches Ride that combines the itinerary of the Beach Ride with three more days on horseback and with one more beach!   

Two beaches     

Price 1095,- euro

Enjoy some excellent canters and gallops on two different beaches by the Mediterranean Sea! We will ride two loops from Can Muní that allow us to discover not only two beaches and two bays, Roses Bay and L’Estartit Bay, but also two different natural parks, incredibly well-preserved medieval villages, fantastic rivers…  We will go all across Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park, the second wetland area of Catalonia and a great shelter for aquatic birds. Very different is the Montgrí, Illes Medes and Baix Ter Natural Park, with the Montgrí Castle guarding all the area from the top of its mountain. You will also visit medieval villages like Castellò d’Empuries, Peratallada, Pals, etc., gorgeous villages made of ancient stone. And, of course, we cannot forget the two chances you will have to gallop on the beach, enjoying together with your horse the sand and the waves of these two long bays. A complete and unforgettable experience!

If you are looking forward to a gallop on the beach but cannot spend a full week riding, take a look at our Beach Ride, it follows the same three days on horseback of the Two Beaches Trail (from Sunday to Thursday) and gives you the chance to ride on Sant Martí d’Empuries Beach!


Price 1130,- euro

Circular trail that takes you up the Catalan Pyrenees and down to the Mediterranean Sea, where you can enjoy an incredible gallop on Roses Beach. With our magnificent horses, we ride through the fantastic nature of the Alt Empordà with its Mediterranean forests, stunning coastline and long sandy beaches.

Discover the little medieval villages, like Báscara or Crespià. Pass by wheat fields, poppies and sunflowers. Discover pine forests and cork trees, filled with aromatic herbs to arrive at the end of the Pyrenees, where the mountains meet the sea. We leave the foothills of the Pyrenees and ride through the Alvera wine growing region: olive groves and vineyards, intense natural beauty. We leave the mountains behind us because the rolling plains of the Empordà region are waiting for us, and at the end, in the long curve of the Bay of Roses, miles of beach gallop! We continue along the coastline, enjoying the sea, the cliffs and the breeze, to return to Can Muní through fields and fruit trees.

Coast, beach and Catalan Pyrenees... a perfect formula to enjoy your holidays with excellent horses.


This Riding Center was established in 1989 as a riding school and a tourist center from where trekkings on horseback are organized.

Experience the nature, culture and gastronomy of Catalonia from the Pyrenees to the wild coast of the Costa Brava through the best riding trails.

The riding school Mas Batlló, located in Camprodon Valley, offers a wide range of professional services to let you enjoy the best horse riding holiday.


Price: 1180 euro

Route of the Pyrenees for excellence in which we will reach peaks up to 2800m. It is a trail that crosses great ranges, going on their peaks so we can enjoy the Pyrenean scenery from alpine areas, deep valleys and rocky reliefs where it feels like you have landed on the moon. A nature spectacle!

This route is appropriate only for experienced riders and for fit people used to walk on the mountains, because in some parts of this trail it will be required. Therefore, we only recommend you this trail if you are in a good physical condition!

Abella – Setcases – Queralbs (close to Núria) – Puigcerdà – la Molina

From the Pyrenees to the sea

Price 1195 euro

Supplements: High Season (from June to October): 185€ Single Room: 216€ (single person willing to share no supplement)

Dates 21-27 April 5-11 May 12-18 May 19-25 May 2-8 June 16-22 June

1-7 September 15-21 September 22-28 September 29 September - 5 October 6-12 October 20-26 October 3-9 November.

A fantastic trail, where we are going to ride our horses from the mountains to the Mediterranean Sea. We will start our trail at Girona Pyrenees, where we can enjoy the beautiful mountain landscapes and will enter into the leafy forests of Garrotxa. It has a quite mild climate; therefore, we pass the landscapes of Empurdà, former the ground of wine and olive grove. At this point, we arrive to the beach where we can behold the beauty of the coast and spend some time there enjoying the Mediterranean ambience as it has plenty of beaches.

The gastronomical variety of our country is guaranteed, as we offer Pyrenean veal with fish and seafood at the Costa Brava all marinated as usual, accompanied by some very great vines in every meal.


  • Dates: From Sunday to Saturday (see dates for Pyrenees to Sea)
  • Pace: trail with long gallops, canters, trots. Hours a day: 6-8 hours a day Group: Minimum group: 4 riders
  • Maximum group: 10 riders
  • Guide: the guide will be Xavi Pastoret, an experienced and talented rider, always accompanied by an English speaking back up guide.
  • Horses: Spanish, Hispano-Arabians, Arabians, Anglo-Arabian, Quarterback
  • Transfer: from / to Barcelona airport: 150€ (return from Llançà)



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