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Juan en Angelika / Sierra Nevada

Juan and Angelica have their stables with six horses in the town of Cogollos at theimg_4103 foot of the Sierra Nevada. Cheap overnight you can get in my bed and breakfast La Balsa that’s14 km. away, a transfer will only cost you 8 euros (return). If you want a little more luxury you can get into the village itself to  Casa rural el Tesorillo within walking distance (200 m.). From the stables. Each room has a private bathroom and kitchen so you  can make your own meals and it also has a lovely pool.mIf you prefer to sleep in a hotel you can go to the  Hospederia del Zenete in La Calahorra at 20 km. from the stables.


Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the region of Andalusia in Spain. Juan and Angelika are situated in Cogollos de Guadix, a little village near Granada (50 minutes) and Almería (50 minutes).

Because of their central location, you can enjoy riding horses with them through different landscapes of the village (mountain in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, flats and valleys), or you can travel to Granada to see the city and The Alhambra (palace). You can also pay a visit to Almería to discover its beautiful beaches. All is possible! While going for a horseback ride, you can even improve your Spanish if desired. Check out all the possibilities they offer. Come and discover the North Face of Sierra Nevada, the big unknown.

HALF OR FULL DAY RIDES (min. 3 nights)imgres-3

  • Short rides, for beginners. Only walk (approx. 1 hour):  € 25,-
  • Long rides, for beginners. Only walk (approx. 2 hours): € 40.-
  • Short rides, for intermediate and advanced riders. Walk, trot, canter and gallop (approx. 1 hour): € 25,-.
  • Long rides, for intermediate and advanced riders. Walk, trot, canter and gallop (approx. 3 hours): € 50,-.
  • Full day rides with lunch included, for intermediate and advanced riders. Walk, trot, canter and gallop: € 95,-

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This is the best option for riders who want to discover the national park: the valleys, little white villages, mountains, the people and their culture and gastronomy. You can experience all of these things during our rides without having to change your accommodation. Half or full day rides, from one to seven days; you combine and choose.

Special offer: package with accommodations...

  • Six nights bed and breakfast in double room .
  • Five riding days (three hours per day approximately)
  • Price: 499 € (Price per person in double occupancy)
  • (for single room 75 € single supplement)


This is a great option if you want to get to know the area. With our horses, we will go and discover the different sceneries of this area (Marquess of Zenete) and, after riding, we can show you the whole area by organizing visits to interesting sights (i.e. the Cathedral of Guadix, the caves, La Calahorra Castle, megalithic standing stones called dolmens, and local wineries. Half or full day rides while enjoying the culture, from one to seven days, you combine and choose.

Special offer: package with accommodations...

  • Six nights bed and breakfast in double room .
  • Five riding days (three hours per day approximately)
  • Four organized cultural tours ( two hours per day aproximately)
  • Price: 699 € (Price per person in double occupancy)
  • (for single room 75 € single supplement)


If you are new to horseback riding and you want to go and explore this wonderful world, we can teach you how to ride a horse in the countryside. Every day, we will start with a class and teach you how to control a horse. After this lesson, we will ride outside (countryside) to bring into practise all that you have learnt and improve your new acquired skills in contact with the nature. After a few days you'll be able to walk and trot. Perhaps you also can also begin to gallop!

Special offer: package with accommodations...

  • Six nights bed and breakfast in double room .
  • Five riding days (two hours per day approximately)
  • Price: 450 € (Price per person in double occupancy)
  • (for single room 75 € single supplement)


Have you ever had a bad experience with horses? Have you lost your trust in horses? We can help you to rebuild your trust in this beautiful animal and start enjoy riding again.


We offer you the unique possibility to learn Spanish while riding horses. All of the rides can be combined with Spanish lessons during the trips. Depending on your level of Spanish or horseback riding, we can adjust the focus and discuss the program that fits your needs best!

maximum weight of the rider is 90kg

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Femke Duursma
2016-05-07, 16:41
Angelika and Juan are the most friendly and welcoming people and their riding trips lead through an array of breath taking landscapes, from snow topped mountains and lush hills to prairie like scenery. The best moment was when we went up hill in full gallop whilst holding on to the horse's manes, which really was the ultimate sense of freedom for someone who had never even properly ridden outside the arena! The descends were pretty spectaculair too. Apart from riding we spent a day with Angelika who showed us all the local highlights including La Calahorra and the cave-dwellings of Guadix. She's very knowlegeable about the area and talked us through the history with great enthousiasm before treating us to some tapas and a drink in a local bar. Thoroughly recommended...we will definitely be back! Thanks Angelika and Juan
Charles Maideen
2016-01-10, 07:49
We arrived at Angelika and Juan's farm house in the morning and until the time we left in the afternoon its been a very pleasurable experience. We rode on very well-trained horses (Canella and Teka) up the mountains behind their home along with their loving dogs Segriet and God. Through our trail up the mountains it was evident that Angelika and Juan are passionate about riding horses as they taught us the right way to trot without hurting the horses. Its been a great experience all round and i highly recommend everyone who is interested in horse riding but never got a chance to ride a horse to visit Juan and Angelika's horse stable. Definately looking forward to going back to the stables and helping out!
Simon Burton
2015-11-23, 12:30

Having never even sat on a horse before, I found riding with Angelika and Juan to be a great experience. They were so thorough in advising me of what I needed to do and the care that they show their horses (and riders!) was obvious from the moment we arrived. The trail up to the mountains behind their home was wonderful and scenic and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them as we trotted along.They adapted the pace and route according to need and my basic understanding of what to do. It would be easy to be intimidated but they really relaxed me and made sure that it was an enjoyable experience. I would whole-heartedly recommend Angelika and Juan to anyone of all levels of experience.

Ana Sánchez Cubo
2015-11-15, 19:36
He estado esta tarde con mi pareja y verdaderamente puedo decir que es totalmente recomendable, la pareja que nos ha atendido ha sido super amable y nos han hecho pasar una ruta muy agradable.
Antonio Medina Torres
2015-11-15, 19:34
Primera experiencia en rutas a caballo y sólo tengo buenas palabras. Repetiremos una ruta más larga seguro! Los guías son encantadores y te explican muy bien tanto el trato con el caballo, como curiosidades y detalles de la ruta. Lo dicho, os lo recomiendo a todos
Julian Glover
2015-10-20, 20:21
I have been lucky enough to ride with Angelika and Juan a few times now and I cannot recommend them and their lovely horses enough. They are a wonderful couple who care so well both for their guests and their horses: and they are proud to ride with people on the wonderful car-free trails that rise up into the mountains behind their home. There is nothing better than a good ride, lunch in the hills and maybe a beer in the bar at the end.
They have horses to suit riders of all standards and will adapt the route and the pace to your needs.
I can't recommend them enough - do go!
Els and Purnima
2015-10-08, 18:53

We visited Angelika and Juan in September for six days. We had a wonderful time. The first day, we arrived in the evening and they waited for us. We drove to our accommodation to drop off our bagage and then we went to see their house and the horses. It immediately felt very welcoming. After that, we went for drinks in the local bar. For the next days, we went for horseback riding, each day a different route and all were amazing. If it rained in the morning, they switched the program. They adapted so well to our needs and wishes. We also enjoyed lunch together on several occassions. Juan and Angelika taught us how to connect with the horses and how to take care of them before and after the trips. We learned a lot from that. It was also very nice that their dogs accompanied us on the trips through the beautiful mountains, nature and small villages. Another great thing were the Spanish lessons during the horseback riding. While riding, we tried to talk in Spanish and in this way we were able to improve our knowledge of the language. What is more fun than learning Spanish while riding horses through beautiful landscapes.We hired a car from the airport, so we drove to the city (Guadix) and we had the possibility to roam around as we wished. Cogollos de Guadix is a very peaceful place and it allows you to fully relax and enjoy your holiday. Thanks again to Juan and Angelika for a wonderful couple of days! Hopefully, we will visit soon again 🙂