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Nicole / Malaga

unnamedIn the south of Andalusia, between Malaga and Marbella, in the mountains with views over Fuengirola and the Costa  del Sol you find her ranch its the home of about 200 Andalusian horses. An independent little white town has grown up here during the years: 27 rustic typical Andalusian apartments are distributed all over the ranch, a swimming pool invites to refresh in summer, an Andalusian patio surrounded with boganvillas invites to common meals and a chimney salon to canny evenings in winter – all framed with the spacious corals.

Prices  2024


01.01.2024 – 03.03.2024 50,-€ / night

350,- € / week

85,-€ / night

595,- € / week

03.03.2024 – 20.10.2024 59,-€ / night

413,- € / week

94,-€ / night

658,- € / week

20.10.2024 – 31.12.2024 50,-€ / night

350,- € / week

85,-€ / night

595,- € / week

Accomodation per person in (half) double room, single room suplement: 18,- € / night (both seasons).


Small riding package with 5 rides of about 1 hour 165,-€
Small riding package with 5 rides of about 2 hours 240,-€
Big riding package with 10 rides of about 1 hour 310,-€
Big riding package with 10 rides of about 2 hours 460,-€

The booked riding package is part of the booking and not transmitable to other clients.

Day Programs

Novice tour        1480 euro

Andalucia Pure  1190 euros

Tapas tour          1580 euros

(126 euro extra single room)


  • Zahara trek      1890 euros (210 euro extra single room)
  • Feria de Caballos Jerez

For dates look on the page Trails.


We offer pick ups from and to Malaga airport. (7.00h-20.00h for Euro 40,- / car and 20.00h-7.00h for Euro 50,- / car)

For all who want to explore a bit and have some sightseeing we recommend a rent a car for more flexibility – you often get very good offers with your flight booking or at Malaga airport

There is an bus and trainstation in Torreblanca / Fuengirola.

You can walk up to Mijas from the ranch ( 30 – 40 minutes)

The horses


But at Nicoles everything moves around the horses as about 200 of them in all ages mention it their home. Most of them are born here and grown up in the spacious corals in herds, waiting to show you their homeland and typical marks – nobles, hardness and safety.
The tract with the boxes for the youngsters, which are in training, surrounds the patio where the trail horses get prepared for the rides. Here you get to know “your” horse, clean it before riding and shower it after. The guides always saddle the horses. 
At her ranch you live in between the horses – you wake up with a snicker and fall asleep with a snuffle from the corals. In a relaxed moment you can observe the young foals with their mums, the youngsters playing and the riding horses spooning with the others. Surely you fall in love with the youngsters that are on the first training.


The rustic apartments are all in Andalusian style furnished and with own bathroom with shower. You canapp3book single, double or triple rooms. Part of them with air-conditions to cool down in summer and warm up in winter. Towels and bedclothes, as the final cleaning are included in the service.
Between palms and oleander the swimming pool invites to refresh during the “spanish siesta” in summer. For the pool or a visit at the beach you should bring some own towels. On the roofed over terrace, in between lots of flowers, you have your meals and spend time together in the evenings. For the colder wintertime you have a salon with a small library corner to relax. Here you also find a TV with national and international channels. You have internet connection for free in the commun area.We serve breakfast as buffet, lunch and dinner as menu. Here we try to combine the typical spanish kitchen with “home style food”.

The ranch is also the home from our dogs – so we do not allow animals from outside.

Surroundings of the ranch

So you can combine your riding program completely on your own wishes. But also for all those who justwant to ride now and then the location of the ranch offers all kind of activities: you are just about 10 minutes away from the animated Costa del Sol with sandy beaches, bars and restaurants. The small white villages with their handmade gifts and narrow alleys are accessible in about 30 minutes. But even the cultural sites as Ronda, Cordoba, Granada or Sevilla can be visited in about 2 hours driving on good streets. Torremolinos and Marbella invite with night live. Tarifa is a surfer paradise where they offer boat trips to dolphins and whale watching. From here you also can pass over to Tanger to visit Morocco. Jerez is famous for the sherry but also for the Royal Riding School which you can visit even in the show or in the morning training.
Any kind of sport activities are offered at the coast and the surround of the ranch invites to long walks or mountain biking (rent a bike in Fuengirola)

Beginners individual

Discover the world of horses - on relaxed outside rides with our very experienced trail horses or in intensive lessons

You can arrange you holiday completely individual

We offer double rooms and single rooms (single rooms with supplement) and also a few rooms with three beds. If you travel alone and do not want to book the single room with supplement we offer half double rooms which you share with another client.

You can book your stay just with breakfast if you want to discover the surrounds and Spanish kitchen. Or you book your stay with full board.

Discover your passion for horseback riding in a relaxed atmosphere amidst beautiful scenery on our amazing Andalusian horses. Did hours and hours at the lunge with commands nobody understands and a formal atmosphere get you off the riding? At the Ranch you life directly in the world of horses. Instruction in safe ground handling and riding is taught in small group settings. Our horses are reliable and experienced trail horses and you'll build faith in them immediately.
The good news: You only ride at walk or canter. Our way of riding, the Doma Vaquera is the similar style of the western riding - very comfortable for horse and rider while hacking out. The very comfortable Spanish saddle give you a firm seat. Maybe you cannot impress an experienced rider after this one week, but you have had a lot of fun and what is most important, you will have gained faith and confidence on horseback!
Before you mount your horse on the first day the basics are covered. You get an introduction about the general handling of horses. How you approach a horse to gain its trust; how it reacts. The saddles are shown and explained to you. Then you're ready to mount your horse for the first time and you will be surprised that it does not take so much to communicate with horses. After a few time you get a feeling for the basic aids. How and why a horse turns in different directions... Now you are ready to discover the surroundings of the ranch on easy trails. Out in the countryside you are suddenly a lot more relaxed. You enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn very easily how to go with the movements of your horse. The trails are chosen according to your skills and confidence. But there is no need to worry - your horse also looks after you, forgiving small mistakes.
Surely after a few rides you feel firm enough to try a first canter on easy way – the reins in one hand you have the other free to hold the mane…
Also for all riders who are a bit afraid or insecure or those with some bad experience in the past this program is ideal to get some confidence in a small group with experienced horses.
If you already have some experience riding in the country but like to start it slowly you can change in another riding group when you fell save for it (Subject to modifications)


This program is for everybody who is interested in exploring a bit the world of horses and those who want to get ( back) some confidence.

The beginner programs can be booked for days or weeks.
To start in a closed group the arrival day is always Sunday (first ride on Monday morning).
On arrival and departure is no riding program

You ride andalusian mares and geldings in spanish saddles with long stirrups and hackamore on one hand; a very easy and comfortable way of riding for riders and horses. You ride in walk or canter.
You do not need any experience even around as on the horse but should be in physical conditions to make this activity.
Weight limit 95kg with complete riding clothes


Accomodation in double room, single room with supplement, full board ( table wine included) / breakfast as booked, rides of 1 – 2 hours in the mornings and / or afternoons as booked, German and English speaking guide, horse with equipment

Not included

Personal insurences ( riding is, as all kind of sports, on our own risk and you should have a valid accident insurence)


And I build my world as I prefer......

The perfect combination program for the whole family!
Riding, relaxing, pool, beach, shopping and sightseeing – however you want!

You can arrange you holiday completely individual.
We offer double rooms and single rooms (single rooms with supplement) and also a few rooms with three beds. If you travel alone and do not want to book the single room with supplement we offer half double rooms which you share with another client.
You can book your stay just with breakfast if you want to discover the surrounds and Spanish kitchen (of cause you also can book the meals here on side). Or you book your stay with full board.

You can choose a complete package with full board and the big riding package or individual just with breakfast, the small riding package or completely personal combined.

The location of the ranch invites even the insatiable riders as all the ones who like to combine the riding with some sightseeing, beach or shopping.
The ranch is located in the mountains  with views on the mediterranean sea – on rides in the mornings and in the afternoons through the mountains, in the shadow of eucalyptus and pine trees, along flourished oleander, through vales and rivers you discover the safety of the Spanish horses.
You can choice between a big riding packages of 10 outside rides of about 2 hours each or the small package with 5 rides.
On side we offer experienced outside riders one – two or three day rides (min 4 clients).
Here you cross the Sierra de Mijas with overviews over the Costa del Sol and often views to the coasts of Africa, you ride in the shadow of the pine trees, come to the small white towns in land, cross rivers and valleys. For lunch you take a saddle bag picnic.
With the necessary riding experience you even can book a beach ride at the Costa de la Luz. Because it’s not allowed to ride on the beach at the Costa del Sol, we will drive to the Atlantic Coast. Your horses will be loaded on a horse trailer and you will ride with a bus along the Costa del Sol. Passing Marbella and Estepona, the famous cliffs of Gibraltar and the strait, which allows unique views to the coast of Africa, if the weather conditions are
good. You will pass Tarifa and ride along the Atlantic Coast to Barbate. The wide, sandy beach will wait for you and, except in summer, you will only have to share it with some cows and occasionally fishermen. With a view over the coast of Africa, you’ll reach Zahara de los Atunes, a former little fishing village, which still cultivates the tradition of fishing tuna. Here you will strengthen yourself thanks to a little rest, before you get the chance to
enjoy the beach again and now and then you’ll use the Vereas, the cattle drive paths of the red cows on your way back to Barbate. In a small Venta, you will have the chance to enjoy local delicacies (lunch is not inclusive), before you are heading home to the Ranch. (min 6 clients).

Beside the arrangement we also offer riding lessons in different levels.
So you can combine your riding program completely on your own wishes.

This program is for outside riders who want to combine riding with other activities, perfect for families or groups with different riding experience and who want to ride more or less.
This program can be combined with any program of the Ranch.
On arrival and departure is no riding program.
You ride with Andalusia mares and geldings in Spanish saddles with long stirrups and hackamore on one hand; a very easy and comfortable way of riding for riders and horses.
You ride in walk or canter.

Overnight in double room ( single room with supplement), breakfast or full board depending on booking, German and English speaking guide, horse with equipment, transfers from and to Malaga airport at given times and during the program

Riding experience
You are safe in the handling of a horse and have the necessary riding experience in outside rides to have your horse in all gates in a group safe under control, you can mount and dismount without help and you are able to stand up in the stirrups during the canters and longer climbing parts in the mountains to help your horse. Some parts you have to walk (comfortable shoes).
The maximum weight of the rider is 95 kilos with complete riding clothes.

Star routes programs

Starters trail

Romantic inland, small white towns, beach ride.

Price € 1480,-  

Weekly from Sunday to Sunday ( arrival and departure ) For groups also from Wednesday to Wednesday possible. It is a  8 days program with 4 days trail ride.

Starting with rides around the ranch through the romantic Andalusia countryside followed by a day at the Atlantic beach and a four-day tour through mountain villages from the Mediterranean Sea to the mountains. This riding holiday is designed for riders who want to experience trail riding for the first time, but also want the comfort of staying in the same location each night. Before going out on the four-day ride from town to town you will spend a day getting to know your horse and riding in the surrounding countryside. Each night, the horses are stabled at different places, while you are driven back to the Ranch.

Full programm on demand.

Pure Andalusia

Pure Andalusia- Horse riding, beach, white villages, majestic horses and flamenco –
the “best of” in one week!

Price € 1190,- 

Date 17- 24 maart, new dates are possible

Horse riding, beach, white villages, majestic horses and flamenco – the “best of” in one week!

On extended rides through the mountains, little paths, eucalyptus trees and valleys, in which the oleander blooms even throughout the beginning of summer. A two-day-ride over the mountains to a beatiful white village, with a picnic you carry in the saddlebags. The highlight is the ride at the extensive beach of the Atlantic Ocean. The horse riding is complemented by strolls through the white villages, an Andalusian horse show, an evening with flamenco and a barbecue.Full programm on demand.

Tapas trail

Riding along the small villages in the inland, across old trade routes, beautiful mountain trips and the typical “tapas” – where local people go out for a meal

Price  € 1580,- 

Dates 31.03.24 – 07.04.24,11 - 18.08.24 new dates are possible

Our Tapas Trail is made for all those who want to get in the “trail riding” enjoying changing landscapes on not too long riding days. So you have time to relax the afternoons. The first day you get used to your horse, the way of riding and the area. You will be impressed by the horses climbing in the mountains. The next day you can enjoy the sandy beaches at the Atlantic if you like so ( not included) – an unique experience! And on your third riding day you start on to the Tapas Trail where we show you Andalusia far away from any tourism visiting the local taps bars.

You cross mountains with amazing views over to the costs of Africa, come trough rivers in between plantations of oranges, lemons and olives, following old nearly forgotten paths from town to towns…

This program can be combined with any program of La Paz.

Full programm on demand.

For bookings please an email to

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