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Manolo / Almería / Sierra Nevada

Born in Barcelona in 1959, in 1992 he moved to Andalusia to pursue his passion: horses. And since then has dedicated his life to this profession: guiding equestrian tourist and professional trainer. He has been vice president of the Andalusian Equestrian Tourism Association, worked for the European Equitour project for the development of horse riding in Catalonia and Menorca.
Despite all the years in this profession, he is still the one who selects and prepares the horses to accompany all customers.
"Horses do not carry us, they accompany us during our travels.



  • Beginners week 1050 euro
  • Star shaped itinerary - The hidden face of Sierra Nevada   1050 euro (July, Aug. 1300 euro)


  • Las Playas Vírgenes de Andalucía  1495 euro
  • Tasting of the Virgin Beaches of Andalusia  935 euro
  • “Tabernas” a desert of Cinema Almeria 1190 euro
  • The hidden face of the Sierra Nevada 1550 euro
  • Sierra Nevada tasting 550/950 euro
  • New Year's trail 1690 euro


Beginners week

5 days, 3 hours a day

Dates: 08/01 > 14/01, 12/02 > 18/02, 25/02 > 04/05 (795 euro), 02/07 > 08/07, 09/07 > 15/15, 16/07 > 22/07, 23/02 > 29/07, 30/07 > 05/08, 06/08 > 12/18, 13/08 > 19/08, 20/08 > 26/08, 27/08 > 02/09 (1000 euro), 15/10 > 22/10, 22/10 > 28/10 09/ 11 > 25/11 (795 euro)

This horse riding holiday is intended for adults and children from the age of 7 who have never or very little ridden horse and want to learn the three courses (walk, trot and canter) in a short time. You drive in small groups so you get a lot of personal attention. You start every day after breakfast in the morning or after the hot meal in the afternoon, in the container with the lesson and then immediately make a trip through the beautiful region. You sit in the saddle for an average of 3 hours a day. At the end of the week you can relax outside and on the last day you can almost certainly gallop on the beach. For beginners we use horses that are suitable for starting riders.

Arrival: Sunday  Departure: Saturday


Information about the care of horses and harness before and after driving.
Driving lesson: rider position, balance, turns, the step and the ride. Excursion through nature, to practice what you have learned.

Estimated duration 2.30 hours - 3 hours.

Breakfast. Information about the care of horses and saddles before and after riding.
Riding lesson: Start of light trot: rhythm, balance.
Nature excursion, to practice what you have learned.
Estimated duration 2.30 hours - 3 hours

BreakfastInformation about the care of horses and harness.
Riding lesson: with trotting, turning, hand changes, the trot starts in suspension.
Excursion through nature, to practice what you have learned.images-5

Estimated duration 2.30 hours - 3 hours.

Information about the care of horses and harness before and after driving.
Riding lessons: trot, turns, speed control, start of a canter.
Excursion through nature, to practice what you have learned.
Estimated duration 2.30 hours - 3 hours

We drive along the famous beach of "el Playazo", famous for its Roman presence, reason why the beaches were visited by the pirates, then we will cross the palm oasis where there are small water sources
Duration approx. 3 hours


** Lessons and excursions are every day in the morning or in the afternoon.



  • Group of 2 minimum
  • Arrival: Sunday
  • Departure: Saturday

The prices include

  • 6 nights at the hotel el Cortijo el Sotillo or similar *** very close to the equestrian center
  • Breakfast
  • 4 days of half-day and one full-day riding program including a picnic
  • Certified instructor
  • Maximum security
  • Horses trained to teach horse riding from any level
  • Accident and civil liability insurance

The horses are equipped with front and rear saddlebags.
It is advisable to use sunscreen and sunglasses throughout the year and to bring a water container and bathing suit.

Non rider
30% off
accommodation & breakfast
SUPPLEMENTS (to be paid directly in cash on first day)
Single Room
30€ night
50€ night (Semana Santa, July, August & New year trail)

Airport group Transfer (per person / two ways)
ALMERIA airport 80€
(Pick up at 19h00 – Drop off at 11h00)
Please consult us for special transfer, private group, and special offers.

Duration of the Transfers

- San Jose - Almeria airport 45 minutes
- San Jose -Station of -Train buses 1h15min. Almería.
- San Jose - Granada Airport 2 hours 30 min.

There is a bus company that provides transport between Malaga airport and Almeria.

It is recommended to rent a car. It is very interesting to see Cabo de Gata Natural Park in free time and for that you need a car as there is no public bus service in the park. For more park information, visit

If you fly to Malaga, an express bus goes to Almería.

From Alicante airport it is about 3 hours away by car, but you can also take the bus to Murcia. There you change to the bus to Almería. For bus times and prices, see the website of the Alsa bus company.

Star shaped itinerary - The hidden face of Sierra Nevada

7 Days / 6 Nights - 3/4 hours x 5 days on horseback  

Dates: 9 - 16 and 23 - 30 of July, 6 - 13 of August, 10 - 16 of December.

We offer customers the opportunity to discover all the landscapes of the North face of Sierra Nevada for a week, with itineraries of 3h30 -  4 hours on horseback per day. Accommodation with breakfast in the  very beautiful hotel in the historic centre of Guadix Hotel Palacio de Oñate****. 

Enjoy magnificent landscapes with a historical, cultural and gastronomic approach.” 

Many riders know of the existence of Sierra Nevada, and some say they have ridden in the area. But you don’t really know Sierra Nevada until you’ve  explored its “Hidden face” with Cabacci! After 30 years of having designed this trail, and enjoyed it with many clients of diverse nationalities, we hereby  introduce a new trail that has more cultural and culinary elements, along with  good gallops on the gentle slopes and immense plains of the north face of the  Sierra Nevada. We will discover the history of the «Moors», who remained in  these lands after being expelled from Granada, and we will walk through small  towns that still retain their Arab appearance.  

Guadix - Lugros - Pantaneta - Camarate - Jerez del Marquesado -  Valle del Zalabí - Fin del Mundo - Lugros  

Day 1 Sunday. Welcome to Guadix  

Arrival of our customers and transfer to Guadix where we meet up at the end of the afternoon.  

Day 2 Monday. Lugros - Sendero de los pastores - La  Pantaneta - Lugros  

After a good breakfast, we go by car to the Cabacci facilities in Sierra Nevada  (15 minutes), to get to know our horses. On this first day and to get used to  them, we ride along an easy trail with wonderful views of the highlands (1.200  metres high). We use the “Shepherds path” (El sendero de los pastores) that runs through thick pine forests. The density of these forests, the silence of the  path and the tranquility of the environment allow us to experience the almost  magical nature of this place. We arrive at “La Pantaneta”, a small lake  surrounded by mountains that was formed by the melting of the Sierra Nevada  frosts. Then, we descend to Lugros and drive back to our hotel in Guadix.  

Day 3 Tuesday. Lugros - Camarate - Lugros  

After a good breakfast, we go by car to the Cabacci facilities in Sierra Nevada  (15 minutes). The gentleness of these mountains with easy paths for the  movement of cattle, allowed the inhabitants of this region to drive their cows  and their “toros bravos” to the green high mountain meadows, known as “El  Camarate”. It is a special place that mixes vast meadows with trees of Atlantic  origin. It is known as “the enchanted forest”, since it seems that you can feel  the presence of gnomes or fairies! Then we come back to Lugros and drive  back to our hotel in Guadix.  

Day 4. Wednesday. Lugros - Jerez del Marquesado -  Lugros  

After breakfast, we go to the Cabacci facilities in Sierra Nevada where our  horses are waiting for us. We cross the white streets of Jerez del Marquesado  to head towards the “Picón”, one of the highest mountains in Sierra Nevada (3.090m), although we will remain at 2.000m high. We will find small streams  and waterfalls that lead the water from the mountains of perpetual snows. We  travel the same paths that the miners of Santa Constanza have taken for many  years. Then we descend to Lugros and drive back to our hotel in Guadix.  

Day 5 Thursday. Lugros – Valle del Zalabí – Lugros  

After a good breakfast, we go to the Cabacci facilities in Sierra Nevada where  our horses are waiting for us. We descend from the plateau (1.200m) towards  the Zalabí valley, crossing a green landscape, surrounded by cultivated fields.  

In another era (Andalousí), they were occupied by mulberry trees that were  used to feed the silkworms needed to make silk for the robes of the Muslim  sultans who inhabited Andalusia. Then we descend to Lugros and head to  Guadix (15 minutes) back to our hotel.  

Day 6 Friday. Lugros – Fin del Mundo – Lugros  

After breakfast, we go to the Cabacci facilities in Sierra Nevada where our  horses are. On this last day of our itinerary, we are going to visit, without a  doubt, one of the most spectacular spaces in Sierra Nevada: the “End of the  World”. This valley of red clay, similar to the Grand Canyon, was formed in the  Quaternary by the melting waters of the Sierra Nevada, and shelters in its walls  the largest concentration of inhabited caves in the world. Still more than 4.000  people live there. We return to the facilities of Cabacci in Lugros where we will  say goodbye to our horses to head to Guadix by car.  

DAY 7. Sunday - ¡Adiós, amigos!  

Transfer of our clients after breakfast.  

We hope to see you again very soon!  


Hotel in the centre of Guadix or Holidayfarm La Balsa



6 days riding

Dates: 22/01 > 29/01, 19/02 > 26/02, 26/03 > 02/04, 23/ 04 > 30/04, 28/05 > 04/06, 18/06 > 25/06, 18/10 > 25/10, 29/10 > 05/11, 26/11 > 03/12 

The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata is one of the jewels of tourism in Andalusia, Spain and all of Europe. Small coves with crystal clear water, ancient volcanoes transformed into mountains of red lava, oases of palm trees and small white fishing villages. Sand dunes that have been the scene of cinematography: Indiana Jones, Lawrence de Arabia, a handful of dollars … The dry climate and almost 3,000 hours of sunshine a year make Almería the place "where the sun comes through the winter ". You can also opt for a tailor-made program instead of a weekly program.

Day to day program on request


5 days, 4 nights, 3 days horse riding. All-inclusive.

This trail is designed for people who do not wish to follow a full itinerary of a week, for lack of sufficient days off, wish to organize their holidays on horseback by visiting Andalusia: Granada, Seville, Almeria, Cordoba or just do not  wish for equestrian trails too long.


This is an itinerant program that run through all the Natural Park. It combine routes along the seaside with inside valleys, you can find beautiful scenery and little unknown villages. The excellent weather without raining and soft temperatures make to ride possible all the year.  


5 days, 4 nights, 3 days of riding all-in.

Dates 01/02 > 05/02, 05/03 >09/03, 05 > 14/05, 10/09 > 14/09, 08/11 > 12/11

The Tabernas Desert Natural Site is located north of the city of Almeria, between the mountains of the Filabres and Alhamilla, which isolate it from the wet currents of the nearby Mediterranean Sea. Carcavas, slopes, streams and ramblas. Desert. Landscape transported from the rich seabed of the Mediterranean to these burned and barren Almeria plains, where a paradoxical sensation of astonishment takes over many of its visitors. It is considered as the only desert zone proper of the entire European continent. The place offers a huge and rich variety of environmental resources of interest, especially geological. Under a sub-arid Mediterranean climate, with rainfall that does not reach 250 mm annually and average temperatures above 17 ° C, Mediterranean-type rambles have formed, the well-known “bad lands” that shape grass steppes. Its varied landscape and luminosity with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, have made it possible that from the 60s to the present day hundreds of films have been shot, not only western (the most famous trilogy of the dollar with Clint Eastwood), but also of Westerns, in the Tabernas desert many films of other genres have been shot, among which are: Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Cleopatra (1963), Patton (1970), Conan the Barbarian (1982) or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989). At the moment many films, advertisements and video clips are still filmed. At the end of 2013 Ridley Scott filmed in this desert Exodus, a film that tells the life of the biblical character of Moses, played by the British actor Christian Bale.

This route is designed for people who do not want to follow a full program of a week, due to a lack of enough days off, to organize their horseback holiday by visiting more of Andalusia: Granada, Seville, Almeria, Cordoba or just not too long want to sit on horseback.


The hidden side of the Sierra Nevada

7 nights and 6 days of riding

Dates: 24/ 09 > 01/10,

An a 8-day hike through the forested valleys and along the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada National Park where landscapes and small villages are discovered that have not yet been discovered by mass tourism ...

The trek in the Sierra Nevada leads over the north flank to Lugros, Jérez del Marquesado, La Calahorra and the Puerto de la Ragua. You often drive above 2000 meters, but you can also opt for a trip in a lower area over the vast plains where Sergio Leone has turned his famous spaghetti westerns.

The Sierra Nevada in Spain with its sixteen peaks above 3000 meters is the second-highest mountain range in Europe after the Alps. Because of its location and many hours of sunshine, it is an ideal area to spend your holiday. The varied mountain landscape with its unique range of fauna and flora is recommended for those who love nature.

Tasting Sierra Nevada

3 days of approximately 5h30 on horseback. 4 nights (3 hotels).

Dates November 22 - 26, December 20 - 24

A route designed to get to know the main landscapes of the hidden face of the Sierra Nevada, in just 3 days on horseback: valleys, high mountain landscapes and red clay canyons.

Complete breakfasts, homemade and traditional food picnics in the middle of nature with the horses every noon, and "tasting" dinners in which tapas, Mediterranean, Andalusian and traditional cuisine of Castilian origins are combined. Accommodation in 3 and 4-star hotels.
Day to day program on request


Group minimum to confirm departure
4 riders for all the trails
2 riders for Semana Hipica
Group maximum 8 riders

Non rider
30% off
Half board basis for the trails

SUPPLEMENTS (to be paid directly in cash on first day)
Single Room
30€ night
50€ night (Semana Santa, July, August & New year trail)
Mini group
Weekly trail (Virgen beaches)
2 riders 260€/pers / 3 riders 130€/pers
Short trail (Beaches tasting)
2 riders 130€/pers / 3 riders 65€/pers

Airport group Transfer (per person / two ways)
ALMERIA airport 80€ for all the programs excepted Sierra Nevada
GRANADA airport 80€ for Sierra Nevada trail
(Pick up at 19h00 – Drop off at 11h00)
MALAGA airport, NO group transfer – please consult for private taxi

Bus to Almería

Sea, desert and mountains

8 days, 7 nights. 6 days on horseback.

Riding through three worlds Cabo de Gata, Tabernas and Sierra Nevada

This exceptional itinerary offers the opportunity to get to know three totally different ecosystems in just one week:
The amazing Cabo de Gata Natural Park with its scenic beaches; Tabernas, the only desert in Europe; and the majestic Sierra Nevada National Park, home to the highest peaks in the South. It is amazing that these three scenarios are only 100 kilometers apart. Being able to go on an adventure of sea, desert and mountains.

A "sports" experience that allows you to enjoy impressive natural landscapes while crossing them on horseback, at the rhythm of exciting gallops. A tour full of cultural richness, which travels through the scenes of renowned films, through villages impregnated by the Muslim influence of the 11th century and crosses mountains inhabited by free- ranging bulls. And, of course, a gastronomic journey in which to enjoy traditional Andalusian food: tapas, salmorejo, fried fish, dogfish, special rices, grilled fish…

Get ready to live an unforgettable adventure in a genuine natural environment!

For bookings and day to day programs please sent an email to

If you want to stay informed of new routes and offers you can ‘like’ my facebookpage. 

Telephone: 0031612044440