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Manolo / Almería

Manolo Ruiz was born in Barcelona in 1958 and started riding as a teenager. His imgres-1-1professional career was originally in commerce and marketing, but by the age of 33, Manolo decided to move back to the home of his forefathers in Andalusia, in the south of Spain, and dedicate himself to horseriding holidays. He designed and set up all the existing routes around the area, opening up once again many forgotten paths of the Sierra Nevada and Cabo de Cata area.  Manolo is currently vice-president of the Andalusian Equestrian Tourist board. His clients describe him as been a chilled out and relaxed guide that makes the most of life and takes brilliant care of all the finer details of his holidays himself.

Star Hiking

Designed for people who want to discover the park. Its pristine beaches, valleys, small fishing villages around without changing hotels during a walk in a half day or full day that combines your taste.

For one week, we will learn techniques for outdoor hiking, mountain climbing, canyoning down, galloping in a group to the beach, this is the perfect place to learn about the long walk and take advantage of horses desert with security program. This program is specially designed for people recovering riding horses in a race and eager to try it out safely.

Radial Routes

This program is designed for people with an intermediate level of riding who which to initiate themselves to the joys of day-long excursions. Throughout the program the number of hours in the saddle are steadily increased each day as riders develop the necessary resistance and improve their outdoor skills through the practice of Le TREC technicalities. All of this takes place in the beautiful surroundings at the seaside of San José.foto-mado-en-dochter

Programs 2017

RADIAL ROUTES AT THE SEA                             900 euro 

22 - 28/01, 12 - 18/ 02, 12 - 18/3, 09 - 15/4, 07 - 13 /5, 15 - 21/10, 10 - 16/12


19 - 26/02, 05 - 12/3, 19 - 26/3, 02 - 09/04, 16 - 23/04, 30 /4 - 07/5, 14 - 21/5, 01 - 08/10, 22 - 29/10, 19 - 26/11, 27/12 - 03/1/2018 *Special new years* (1680 euro). 

bo2Je kunt deze route ook voor 4 dagen en 5 overnachtingen doen voor 1080 euro dit op basis van twee personen supplement eenpersoonskamer is 100 euro.

CARA OCULTA DE SIERRA NEVADA                1500 euro

28/5 - 04/6, 25/6 - 02/7, 17 - 24 /9

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