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Manolo / Almería

Born in Barcelona in 1959, in 1992 he moved to Andalusia to devote himself to hi
passion: horses. He created the company Cabacci and since then he has devoted his life to this profession: professional trainer equestrian tourist guide, is vice president of the Association of equestrian tourism in Andalusia, he worked for the European project for Equitour the development of horse riding in Catalonia and Minorca He has also participated in the creation and touring villages in colonies of Guanajuato (Mexico).

 Despite all the years in this profession, itself, selects, prepares and leads all his horses so they accompany all clients hiking 

The horses do not carry us, they accompany us during our travels.


This is the ideal program for customers who have made with us the week riding program and who wants to start riding routes; we offer a half riding route daily in different landscapes of Natural Park, and one riding day with picnic meal. It is also a perfect program for those, with an intermediate level of riding, want to do short routes and return each day at the same hotel, to enjoy their holidays and maybe share with friends or family who do not ride horses.images-2

Price  850 Euro

May, June, September 950 Euro

Dates: 22 - 28/01, 12 - 18/ 02, 12 - 18/3, 09 - 15/4, 07 - 13 /5, 15 - 21/10, 10 - 16/12

Price per person in double occupancy, for single room € 180 single supplement To be paid directly on arrival.

MINIMUM GROUP: 2 persons. MAXIMUM 4 RIDERS For 1 person can carry out the program of small group surcharge € 180 / person.imgres-2

Ask for discounts for groups and families

From Sunday to Saturday.


    • Six nights in hotel www.oroyluz.com. our new equestrian center and our horses are in the hotel’s facilities, clients should not move to riding programs.
    • For families or couples who want the comfort of a themed apartment horses on www.caballodemar. esimages-8
    • Four days of half day riding and one full riding day, included picnic.
    • Qualified instructor guide
    • Maximum security measures
    • Accident insurance and public liability
    • Minimum group 2 - maximum 4 riders
  • Transfer from airport, bus or train from Almeria

To transfer from Malaga airport price per transfer € 250 (4 persons )

The free transfer included in the price of the program will be made no later than at 18 h. the day of arrival and no earlier than 7 h. starting the day in a single transfer for all clients - We can arrange for you a special transfer to other schedules.


These programs are made with accommodation in this hotel oro y luz is located next to the village of Rodalquilar, or themed apartment horses on www.caballodemar.es

There is a bus www.alsa.es company, providing the transport between the airport Malaga and Almeria.

It is recommended to advise customers to rent a vehicle, it is very interesting to see all the Natural Park Cabo de Gata, in spare time and for that they need a car, as there is no public bus service within the park for more www.degata.com/ park information.

It is recommended to use sunscreen and sunglasses year round.

This is the best option for riders that want to discover the sourrondings of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata- Nijar: the virgin beaches, valleys, little fisher villages... All of these things without moving your accommodation.dagt-s-j-3



Customers pick up at the airport, bus station or train from Almería, transfer equestrian center and meeting to describe the route.

Accommodation in Rodalquilar

DAY 2 TORRE DE LOS LOBOS - EL PLAYAZO In this part of the route, we head Rodalquilar Valley, famous since the Roman presence, for its gold mines, for which reason this beaches were visited by pirates, as well as landscape will visit some of the most interesting story in this area,along a narrow path that runs along the coast; these roads served a day for coastal surveillance, with the arrival of Pirates. Will ride by the famous beach “el playazo” Beach. Golden, crystalline and in a white- rugged setting, it is crowned by the castle of San Ramon. We will discover the fascination of travel with the horse trails bordering the cliffs of the park are undoubtedly the Mediterranean sea views more spectacular in their area better preserved

Half day route.


We will cross the interior of the old mines, and climb through the ravines that served only connection between the farms of the interior of the mountains, we are going to ride through the crater forming the Rodalquilar Valley, discover mineral walls still remains hidden gold and visit the old facilities of the mine was in operation from 1933 and finally closed 1986

Half day route


In this Landscapes, we are going to visit the sceneries of western movies that were filmed in the seventies in their streets (the good, the bad and the ugly; a fistful of dollars...). Everybody knows them as “spaguetti western”. We also passed through a historical place in the Natural Park, “the friar’s farmhouse”, where the real events took place, that Federico Garcia Lorca inspired his novel Bodas de Sangre.

Half day route.images-5


We can not know the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, without visiting those responsible for its creation, Volcanoes will cross the crater of a volcano and we can see how despite millions of years have passed, the traces of these eruptions remain.

Half day route.


On the way to “las Negras” we find vegetable gardens irrigated by the water coming from small flows in the Rambla de Las Agüillas and collected in a species of pools near the sea. The village of Las Negras is formed by a group of simple houses, white, and by the sea, From the Negras we take the path that leads to San Pedro Cala, impressive ecological value.

Half day route.


End of program.


Price 1500 euro  

Dates 2019

19 - 26/02, 05 - 12/3, 19 - 26/3, 02 - 09/04, 16 - 23/04, 30 /4 - 07/5, 14 - 21/5, 01 - 08/10, 22 - 29/10, 19 - 26/11, 27/12 - 03/1/2018 *Special new years* (1680 euro). 

The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata has become one of the natural jewels for the tourism of Andalucia, Spain, and of all Europe. Small coves with crystal blue waters, ancient volcanoes converted into mountains of red lava, oasis of palm trees an small white fishing villages, which remind us your pirate invasions, sand dunes that have been the scene cinematographic film like: Indiana Jones, Lawrence de Arabia, for a Handful of Dollars ... Its dry climate and its almost 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, we can affirmthat Almería is "where the sun passes the winter".


Day 1

Collection of clients at the airport, bus station or train of Almería transfer to the equestrian center where the horses awaits us, meeting to explain the route, dinner and accommodation hotel gold and light in Rodalquilar or similar. www.oroyluz.com,

In the morning after breakfast, meeting the horses, and track adaptation we start the route: In this part of the route, we will go to "the tower of the wolves" from where we will see practically all the Natural Park and if the day is very clear the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada, We will ride through the famous beach of "el playazo", famous since the Roman presence, reason for which its beaches were
visited by the pirates, we will cross oasis of Palmeras that They have created together with small springs of water.Geen automatische alt-tekst beschikbaar.

Picnic by the sea in the crow's creek.

Approximately 5 hours on horseback.

Dinner and accommodation in hotel gold and light www.oroyluz.com

We leave Rodalquilar, by a narrow path that borders all the coast, these roads served one day for the surveillance of the coasts, before the arrival of Pirates, which demonstrates the presence of small castles and watchtowers, with their smallbo2
oasis of palm trees.

Picnic lunch by the sea on the beach of the sculptures.

Approximate duration 5-5, 30 hours on horseback.
Dinner and accommodation in San José Hotel el Sotillo **** or similar www.cortijoelsotillo.es

We start the route living up to its name, first we will visit the western part of the Natural Park: Genoveses, monsúl, half moon, the reef of the mermaids are undoubtedly the Last virgin beaches of the Mediterranean, with sand dunes
white where movies have been shot that we will remember: Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia. At noon we will take our picnic next to the cortijo "el romeral"
one of the typical constructions that still serve today housing for farmers in the area, in the afternoon we will ascend through the valle del tesorillo, towards San José.
Approximately 5-5 hours on horseback.

Dinner and accommodation in San José Hotel el Sotillo ****
or similar www.cortijoelsotillo.es

On this day we will discover the fascinating of Transitar with the horse on trails that are surrounded by ancient volcanoes that will lead us to the north of the park are
find the mountains of the Sierra de Gata that preserve the boilers of ancient volcanoes, surrounded by a lunar landscape and villages originals like apricots where with a tour of its streets we will discover the scenarios where many spaghetti
western were shot , (for a handful of dollars, the good the ugly and the bad, etc.), with names on its streets like: Clint Eastwood, Sergio Leone ... Picnic lunch in one of the most special places of the park "el cortijo del Fraile" this was the place where the events that inspired Federico García Lorca in his work "Blood Wedding".
In the afternoon in the afternoon we will arrive at the small village of Fernán Pérez,
where "Maise" will receive us in his old flour mill rehabilitated and converted into a cozy family accommodation.
Approximately 5-5 on horseback.

To end the day during dinner, Maise will offer us a Moroccan dinner : cous cous, vegetables from local gardens, honey sweets

Dinner and accommodation in Molino de Maise www.molinofernanperez-es

We will take the old path of the gold mines, we will use the ravines that served as the only connection between the farmhouses of interior of the sierra with the sea, crossing the crater of the volcano that forms the valley of Rodalquilar, we will discover the walls of minerals that still hide gold and we will visit the
old facilities of the mine that was in operation since 1933 and finally closed 1986.
fork Picnic lunch: in the gold mine. In the afternoon we will arrive at the magnificent hotel cala grande ****
We can have a whim in the spectacular Spa, where awaits us: the sauna, the hammam, the jacuzzi  * the Spa circuit is included in the program
Special dinner "fish" in local restaurant in town.
Approximate duration 5-5, 30 hours on horseback.

This last day we will ride on horseback only half a day, and be able to use the afternoon to rest prepare the luggage or make the Last minute purchases.
We will find irrigated gardens for the water that comes from small flows in the Rambla de Las Agüillas and collected in some species of rafts near the sea.
The urban core of the loops is formed by a group of simple, white houses.
Lunch in Gold and light restaurant.Geen automatische alt-tekst beschikbaar.
Approximate 3, 30 hours on horseback.

Accommodation and dinner at hotel oro y luz www.oroyluz.com

End of the program.


• San Jose - Almeria airport 45 minutes
• San José - Bus station - train from Almería 1h15mn.Geen automatische alt-tekst beschikbaar.
• San José - Granada Airport 2h 30 min.
• San Jose-Malaga Airport 3 hours
• Sierra Nevada (La Calahorra) -Airport of Granada 2h.30 min
• Sierra Nevada (La Calahorra) - Malaga Airport 3 hours
• Sierra Nevada (La Calahorra) - Almeria airport 2 hours

  • The minimum group for these routes is 4 people, maximum group 10 people.
  • 2-3 people with small group supplement of € 260 / person.
  • If you want an exclusive route, check prices according to season.
  • Prices for double room, single room supplement of € 180.
  • Geen automatische alt-tekst beschikbaar.Consult discounts for groups.


• Every day in full board with water and a drink per person, the rest of the drinks will be paid directly by the clients.
• Transportation of suitcases and support vehicle.
• The transfer from the airports or bus or train station of Almería.
• For transfer from:
- Malaga airport price for each transfer € 90 (180 i / v).
- Granada airport price for each transfer € 50 (100 i / v).
• The use of the Spa at the Cala Grande hotel is included in the route of the Beaches and in the hotel Palacio de Oñate on the route of Sierra Nevada.
• Extra drinks or cafeteria expenses are not included.
• Special dinner is included in the special end of the year program.Geen automatische alt-tekst beschikbaar.


All the programs are guided by Manolo Ruiz.
• All meals, including picnics, are regional cuisine typical of the area: paellas,
meats, stews, vegetables from the orchards, in case of some special regime of
feed indicate it.
• Horses are equipped with front and rear panniers.
• It is advisable to use sun protection cream and goggles.
• It is necessary to bring a container (water bottle) to carry water and a bathing suit.
• The use of a safety helmet is not mandatory, although it is advisable.
• Types of frames: English and running.
• Front and rear saddlebags on all horses.
• Type of horses: well-tamed Andalusians and Hispanic Arabs.
• There is a bus company www.alsa.es, which carries out the transport between the
Malaga airport and Almeria.
• Free transfers included in the program price will be made no more. After 6 pm the day of arrival and not before 7 p.m. the day of departure in a single
transfer for the whole group.
• Take into account these schedules for the purchase of flights.
• We can organize for you a transfer to other schedules with a price special.
• It is very important that you plan the duration of the transfers to get your plane ticket.
• Level required: medium (to be able to perform the 3 airs: step, trot and gallop).

The hidden face of the Sierra Nevada

Price: 1350 euro

Dates 2019: 02/06 – 09/06, 23-30 /06, 16-23/09, 15-22 /09

The trek along the north side of the dark side of the Sierra Nevada, far away from the ski areas and tours. We explore the small white villages with Moorish architecture, valleys from where the water flows from the melted snow of the high mountains, the red clay canyons, the daily changing landscape as if we are changing the continent. We will discover the real dark side of the Sierra Nevada **
"This is not only a horse riding program, during this week we will sleep in ancient palaces of the Arab period, we will visit half a half Arabic castle, we will visit the neighborhood of the caves of Guadix, the habitat in" Troglodita "caves important in the world, we sleep in a cave hotel with all the comforts of a modern hotel, we will taste the local gastronomy with its" tapas "and we will discover the real flamenco where singing, guitar and dance accompany us in an Andalusian dinner ". Manolo FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE SIERRA NEVADA www.guadixymarquesado.com


Reception at the airport or bus station and transfer to the equestrian center of Granada. We will get to know our guide better and participants with an aperitif followed by a nice dinner will have a chance to do another update on the progress of the walk.
Dinner and overnight at the Hotel Hospedería of Zenete **** - Calahorra www.hospederiadelzenete.com


This morning, after breakfast, we will meet our horses and we will step into the saddle. Our riding in the Sierra Nevada parts of the castle of La Calahorra, a former Muslim fort on a hill above the village and rebuilt in the Renaissance. The simplicity of the external military style contrasts with the richly decorated in Italian and in fact one of the first examples of Renaissance architecture in Spain. We will cross the fertile land in the region where many small irrigation canals from the Arab occupation occur, irrigate fields with almond trees, fig trees, olive trees and other crops. We climb to the highest point of the day at 1500/2000 meters, through the "trails of the glaciers" (sendero de los neveros), which in ancient times were used by men on horseback who saw ice blocks chipped to keep their food. After a morning full of challenges for both riders and their horses, picnic near a small river "The Rosandra". In the afternoon we return to the small Arabic village of Aldeire.
Visit to the castle of Calahorra, XIV, medieval castle on the outside and the first palace of the Renaissance in Spain.
About 5 hours

Dinner and overnight at the Hotel Hospedería of Zenete **** - Calahorra www.hospederiadelzenete.com


This morning we ride to the Wild West of Andalusia. We ride over a large plateau with incredible canyons of red clay that lead us to the landscapes of the great American canyons of Colorado. A picnic awaits at Lake Cogollos, fed by melting snow from the peaks of the Sierra Nevada. If time permits, we can swim in the blue waters of this mountain lake. After the picnic we pass the old mine and we reach the small Moorish village of C.ogollos
Around 17.30 on horseback

Overnight: "Casa Rural" of Cogollos "El Tesorillo" www.casaruraltesorillo.es

Dinner: Food tasting tapas local cuisine


This morning we climb to the top of the Postero Alto to 1850 m, through forests with Mediterranean pine trees and streams with crystal clear water. This path is used by farmers in the region to keep an eye on their herds of more than 4,000 animals (cows and bulls) that graze freely in the mountains. At the top are horses and horsemen in a landscape that reminds us of Canada with its high mountain streams and ancient chestnut trees. We take the picnic near the river Alhorí and then ride on the paths of vaqueros (local cowboys) to the village of Jerez del Marquesado.
About 5 30 hours drive
Special dinner with grilled meat and vegetables in the local restaurant

Night in "Casa Rural" of Cogollos "El Tesorillo" www.casaruraltesorillo.es


Today we will descend the valley of Zalabí, with a beautiful landscape of red clay canyons and with the beauty of a fertile valley, where centuries ago, the Arabs were inhabitants of Andalusia (Moriscos), cultivaters of the mulberry trees, to feed the silkworms.

Picnic, in a water fountain that comes from the peaks of the Sierra Nevada (the tejea).

Riding about 6 hours.

Dinner tapas tour in the old quarter of Guadix. 

Overnight at hotel de Guadix Palacio Hotel de Oñate in the old Quarter of Guadix.


Departure from the hotel towards the river Alhama, the easternmost part of the natural park whose landscape remind us of the scenery of the spaghetti westerns they filmed here in the 70s after the desert “Arizona”.ruiters-met-sierra

We take the picnic under the pines.

About 5-5’30 hours on horseback

Dinner: Restaurant in the caves “la tinaja “ Guadix.... 

Overnight at hotel de Guadix Palacio Hotel Guadix. www.palaciodeoñate.es


The last day, we will say goodbye to the city of Guadix, we’ll go to a nice horse path that leads directly to the highlands of Albuñán.

Lunch “Paella” at local restaurant in cogollos in the afternoon we arrive in Paulenca, troglodyte city where 4,000 people today still live in cave houses. We will discover the unique experience of sleeping “in” the land in silence and closeness to nature. The hotel offers all the comfort and we can also take a dip in the heated pool inside a cave.

Afternoon: we will go by car to the city of Guadix Afternoon carriage ride through the neighborhood caves of Guadix and dinner with flamenco show Accommodation at the Hotel Cuevas de Abuelo Ventura. www.cuevasabueloventura.com 

3h30-4h about horse


End of program

Required level: medium (be comfortable at all gaits: walk, trot and canter) If you need us to lend you a helmet, please communicate it before your arrival and the size


  • The minimum group for these routes is 4 persons, up to 3 people can confirm exit
  • With small group supplement of 260 € / person
  • If you want a route exclusively consult prices according to season
  • Prices for a double room, single room supplement 180 €
  • Ask for discounts for groups


  • Every day full board with water and a drink (wine or beer) per person, drinks other paid
  • Customers directly
  • The transfer from the airport or bus or train station of Granada and Almeria
  • To transfer from Malaga airport fee per transfer € 250 (4)

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: paard en buiten    Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: paard, boom, lucht, buiten en natuur

Natural horse training  “Parelli” in Andalucía by Nadia Soleymanjo   

Price 1350  euro 

Price per person in double occupancy Single supplement € 180 to be paid on arrival.

Data 2019: 17 /02 - 03/02, 14-20/04, 09-15 /06, 13-19 /10 

For many years, I have tamed my own horses to guarantee my clients that on their routes they would enjoy a reliable, friendly horse that would allow them to enjoy their vacations on horseback in Andalucia. I used soft, non-aggressive methods, but I knew something was wrong, when I discovered Parelli through Nadia Soleymanjo, I understood it, I lacked confidence.


Nadia Soleymanjo is a skilled, friendly horsewoman with a charming straightforward manner, dedicated, with a great passion and love for horses. She has learned from horsemen, and Parelli instructors, in Australia, where she spends long periods In Spain, she shares her passion, experience and knowledge with the aim of creating a positive and successful relationship with horses, based on the firmness of the good leader, the communication and the trust that these noble animals place in us. More than 15 years of experience in training horses.
She has also trained many people from a vast array of backgrounds and ages, in the skills of horsemanship, trained horses for the Raid Kaliber Andalucía and she has been a horse rider for several regional endurance.


The small group that will participate in the program, allows that from the first moment, we will work with a horse, learning how you think, how you feel. To “connect with him and turn his fear into “friendship. We will learn to know what kind of mind our horse has, to correct his unwanted behaviors and to teach him skills that allow us to enjoy our relationship regardless of the equestrian specialty to which we dedicate.

Day 1 The classes begin with firm guidelines, attending to the emotional and psychological connection with the horse, learning to transmit the energy that our partner will follow because we will become their leaders.

Day 2 With effective body language techniques that are strengthened by walking together in freedom. These walks in connection will provide us with self-control, concentration and leadership skills.

Day 3 Learn how to gain real confidence and competence on the ground with a prey animal. Better communication skills for safe and happy horses.

Day 4 Ground skills. “THE SEVEN GAMES, In the afternoon, walk outside with bittles bride. We will also provide the horses with security, happiness, playful moments that will make these beings wish to be with us “Advanced Psychology of the horse What objective will we achieve? CONNECTION WITH THE HORSES.

Day 5 Ridden skills, a way for human and horses to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship. In the afternoon, walk outside with bittles bride. We will enjoy pleasant days in which the horses will be the protagonists. We will travel the routes of their brain, feeling their loyalty to humans and we will be their best friend-leader. 

Day 6 Transfer to the airport. 

End of program.


Telephone: 0031612044440

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