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Angie / Sevilla

Angie is an experienced Dutch horse trainer from Amsterdam. She had her ridingmail-1-filtered school in the Dutch town of Almere but in April 2011 swapped it for a place in Spain where she started a new life. She has started a horse shelter in Spain for neglected horses. Her stables are situated at 900 Mts. from the village. She makes beautiful trips in the nature, consisting of a green hilly landscape with several rivers where you can find turtles and storks. Also for non-riders it is a beautiful area and this location is also ideal for children of all ages.Angies place is in the province of Seville at 1.5 hours drive from the beach, Cordoba and Cadiz.

Fear of horses

Angie is specialised in man and horse to live harmoniously together and using her knowledge she offers programs that eliminate the fear of horses and ponies. The horses are trained so that you will enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere these magnificent animals. Step by step together with the horses we take time to get rid of your fear. The success rate is 98%. Angie has developed a method that works and helps you further. You dare to brush them again, hugging and of course to ride them.

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Where to sleep

There are several apartments for rent in the village. This is 900 meters from the stables and there are supermarkets, restaurants and bars available. The public pool is open during July and August. In high season (from June 2 to October) they are rented for at least a week. 

Prices (minimum stay 3 nights)14639686_507638196106401_8779971795257215113_n

2 - 4 person apartment 70 euro per dag


45 euros for 2 hours.

max. weight 80 kg.

And of course there may be helped with grooming, cuddling, cleaning and walking the horses. For children there is a care free pony  the entire holiday available where you can walk along on the grounds and to the village. And if desired, the adults can also get a horse in care.

Dogs are admitted for 20 euros per holiday.

How to get there?

You can fly to the airport of Seville and from there  it is 45 minutes by car. Transfer to and from the airport costs 60 euros (from 5 nights on transfer included) . There is no public transportation from the airport to the riding school. There is a bus from the stables to the City of Seville at 7:00 am, which goes back at 19:00.

Telephone: 0031612044440

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