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Alfredo / Sierra Nevada


Equestrian Center Welcome to Guadix, a company active tourism located in the region of Guadix. We feature 20 horses, 3 tracks of different levels and 12 blocks in natural cave which keep the horse in an ideal temperature all year, we have Summer terrace square 600 meters shaded by trees with incredible views, specialized restaurant in meat grilled addition to any catering menu, 6 log cabins, garden areas, free camping for tents ... But this is not enough, therefore, give the best service with monitors specialized in all kinds of initiation.

Departures from the Equestrian Center has different locations, different routes per day, returning to the equestrian center to end up sleeping in our cabins and resting our horses in their stables.

Prices       (minimum 3 nights)

  • 1 hour  30 euro.
  • 2 hours  45 euro.
  • 3 hours 60 euro.
  • Half day trips 70 euro.
  • Daytrips including picknick  120 euro.

Nightly routes

Alfredo has started night riding routes through the Geopark Granada this year. Horses can see well at night and it gives a whole new experience to ride under the beautiful starry sky of the Sierra Nevada.


For children from 4 years, ponies, tame and prepared to initiate them and help them improve. Children enjoy learning through games and gymkanas, and go to the mountain to take small walks when they are ready, always with a qualified instructor who will walk beside him.

We offer riding lessons in Guadix for all levels. Whatever your experience riding in horse riding we have the perfect place for you. The main thing is that the student feel confident on the horse. In the early days, he goes familiarizing with legs and contact with the horse as it is this area is going to control the drive when horse walk, trot or gallop.At the same time we give notions of the left hand is the one that handles the management, and how to stop the horse, and once the student becomes familiar with this we are going to give different types of movements, until the client go acquiring the skill.

If you go horseback riding at Alfredo's riding school you get a 10% discount on overnight stays at our de Balsa farm, which is 25 km away from the stables. Also nice for non-riders.

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Nature has been very generous to the Guadix region as it is surrounded by protected as the National and Natural Park of Sierra Nevada and the Natural Parks of the Sierra de Baza and Sierra de Huétor spaces.The rich natural heritage of the region of Guadix can enjoy the contrast of landscapes of this area. The badlands characteristic, picturesque caves, green valleys of the region or the clay hills of the Hoya de Guadix have favored habitat of unique animal and plant species. The main activity revolves around the world of horses. The monitors start us into the secrets of the mountain, safety, animal handling, etc. We receive lessons in riding and make field trips. If you know riding, will refine your style and participate in a beautiful scheduled routes.

This  Guadix Equestrian Center offers you the most exciting adventure you can imagine.

Telephone: 0031612044440

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